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Sue Hawkins is a registered psychologist in Randwick Sydney, who has over 15 years of experience providing valuable counselling in a warm, caring and sensitive manner. Her aim is to help clients regain control of their lives and get back on track.

Sue uses a range of modalities including cognitive behaviour therapy, emotion focused therapy, mindfulness, EMDR, hypnosis and sensorimotor psychotherapy which are tailored to the unique needs of each individual client.

Her areas of specialization include:

  • Adoption: local and intercountry
  • Couples Counselling
  • Eggs, Sperm and Embryo donation
  • Genetic conditions and disability
  • Grief and Loss
  • Hypnosis for pain management and smoking
  • Infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy loss
  • Pregnancy Issues
  • Surrogacy assessments
  • Trauma: Historical childhood abuse, dissociative identity disorder (DID) and PTSD
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Sue Hawkins

Sue started her professional career as a research scientist. She completed a PhD in immunology, followed by a post-doctoral position in cancer research.  A career change lead her into genetic counselling, then psychology. After working in a number of settings, she is now is in private practice as registered psychologist.

During her work as a IVF counsellor she saw many clients who’s past traumas were triggered by their IVF experience, and this lead her to pursue further training in the area of trauma therapy. This training included certification as a Sensorimotor  Psychotherapist. Sensorimotor psychotherapy, developed by Pat Ogden, is grounded in neuroscience and attachment research and approaches the body as central in the therapeutic field of awareness. Sue also uses other trauma based modalities such as EMDR, Havening and Brain spotting to help clients with trauma regain their quality of life. Sue works with PTSD, complex trauma and has a special interest in dissociate identity disorder (DID).

The combination of a strong science background and psychology enables Sue to support clients struggling with issues associated with  genetic conditions and pregnancy. She is able to easily understand the medical basis of the condition, and also provide the emotional understanding necessary to support her clients. 

Sue has also developed a special interest in the area of family formation, either via adoption, donor gametes or surrogacy. 

Couple work is also an area of interest for Sue. Many of the issues described above are stressful and often impact both clients and their partners. This can cause conflict, and communication breakdown in couples. Sue helps couples unpack these issues and improve their communication styles.  

More recently she has undertaken Clinical Hypnosis training and uses this to assist her clients to manage challenging beliefs and to resource them to help them cope with difficult situations. 


  • B.Sc (Hons) Genetics
  • Ph.D (Medical Science)
  • Graduate Diploma Genetic Counselling
  • Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Post Graduate Diploma Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma Systemic Therapy (Couples Therapy)


  • NSW Psychologist Registration Board (PS00098055)
  • Member of Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association (ANZICA)



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Common Concerns

  • Adoption

Adoption impacts on all members of the adoption triangle and their extended families. For adoptive parents, adoption may have come after a long struggle with infertility, possibly followed by a long and uncertain process of being in an adoption pool. For birth parents who had to surrender their child for adoption the pain of this loss is often lifelong. Adopted people can also have their own struggles associated with identity and what being adopted means to them. The emotional impacts of all these issues can often remain buried until they are ignited by life events such as the possibility of a reunion or the birth/death of a significant other.

Sue has had a long term involvement in the adoption community and therefore has a deep understanding of many of the issues involved in adoption.

She has run support groups for the Post Adoption Resource Centre (PARC) working with people pre and post their adoption reunions and also for intercountry adoption clients.

Sue has worked as an adoption worker in a non government adoption agency. She is experienced in counselling birth parents and adoptive parents considering adoption. She has also been involved in post adoption issues and mediating adoption reunions.

  • Couples Counselling

Sue has post graduate qualifications in couples counselling and under went her couple therapy training with Relationships Australia. She has also been trained in the Gottman method for couple therapy and Terry Real’s relational life therapy (RLT).

She has has worked with many couples experiencing relationship distress brought on by external events and difficult couple dynamics. Sue helps identify the dynamics  that you as a couple may have unwittingly fallen into,  helping to take away the sense of blame and focusing what you both can do to form an alliance to work on it.

Sue also shows you how to communicate more honestly and openly, encourage and nurture your romance, sexual intimacy and identify your love languages, make quality time together, and celebrate improvements together.

  • Infertility

Sue has worked for several years in one of Sydney’s leading IVF clinics.

The diagnosis of infertility is life changing. Often people experience shock that this could be them. While IVF provides hope, it is also an emotional roller coaster ride, which for many is unexpected. Sue works closely with individual and their partners ( if requested) at all stages of this journey, to help then navigate the emotional highs and lows, and to reduce as much stress as possible, to maintain their quality of life.

Sometimes, unfortunately IVF does not work, or the underlying issues is there are no gametes available,  people then may turn to donor gametes or embryos. Sue helps people navigate this uncertain and often challenging process.  Her awareness of grief and loss process and issues donor conceived offspring face, help clients better understand their own processes associated with using a donor ,and what issues they may face with their child in the future.

Sue is also experienced in providing assessments for people who are intending to use a surrogacy arrangement to achieve a pregnancy.

  • Miscarriage, Pregnancy Issues

While pregnancy can be a happy time for many women, sometimes it can also be highly emotional and traumatic.  For some women routine genetic or ultrasound testing of their pregnancy yields unexpected results which they can find both shocking and emotionally painful. While in dealing with these difficult often overwhelming emotions they are also called upon to make life changing decisions regarding how they want to proceed. Sue has worked with women and couples at this difficult stage of their pregnancy journey, helping then navigate this emotional roller coaster ride and supporting after no matter what decision they make.  Sue is able to provide support  through both understanding the implication of a prenatal diagnosis of a genetic condition  and the grief and loss process

While pregnancy for many is a joyous time, sometimes the unexpected can bring an abrupt end to this joy. For those women and their partners, who have a miscarriage or a stillbirth, they can experience trauma and ongoing grief that is not really understood by many around them. Furthermore, their feelings around trying to fall pregnant again can be laced with anxiety about the pregnancy and reduce confidence in themselves to fall pregnant, and/or have a healthy baby. Sue is able to provide support by understanding this journey and providing ways of managing the sometimes intense emotional associated with it.

  • Genetic Issues

Sue has qualifications in genetic counselling and has worked closely with many genetic support groups. She has given presentations to communities affected by XXX, Pompe disease, SWAM and Klinefelters. She has also been a guest lecturer for the University of Sydney Master of Genetic Counselling program.

She has also counselled people dealing with the issues associated with a wide range of genetic conditions. This also includes, helping parents manage a diagnosis, providing reports to the NDIS in support of care plans and working with clients living with a genetic disability.

Sue also has experience in helping people make decisions regarding genetic testing. In particular, Sue has specialised in working with people who are needing testing for Huntington’s disease. She supports people during the testing process, helping them to determine if they are ready for testing and also supporting them with the outcome of testing.

  • Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been long used  to treat psychological and behavioural issues. Historically, hypnosis has been difficult to define as it is a very subjective experience. One of the best clinical hypnotist of today, Michael Yapko defines it as:

“Hypnosis involves an experiential absorption, a powerful focus on some stimulus (such as a thought, a feeling, a memory, an expectation, a sensation, the words of the clinician, or any specific aspect of experience).”

Sue has undergone clinical hypnosis training with Michael Yapko and used hypnosis as part of her therapy to help treat OCD, Phobias, trauma, smoking cessation and pain management.

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Many people feel unsure when contacting a psychologist for the first time. Please feel free to call, ask a question on the form or email if you have any queries and I will be happy to provide you with reassurance or any further information required.

Hours: By arrangement

Phone: 0405 637 449

Email: sue@hawkinspsychology.com.au

Skype: Sue is available on skype for interstate and international (English only) counselling support. If you are interested in this service, please contact Sue via the above form or by email for details.


Suite 105/ 2 Albert Street,
Randwick, Sydney, 2034.
Off Avoca Street.

If you enter via the Avoca Street entrance, turn right at the end of the corridor and then either go up the stairs to the first floor or take the Albert Street lift to Level L1.

There is free parking for two hours at Randwick Plaza across the road from the office. Street parking with time limits is also available.